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MarketConnect Programme

Since inception of the Programme in April 2019, MarketConnect has engaged over one hundred Zambian SMEs as part of the process of identifying companies that are eligible for support. Currently the Programme is actively working with eighty one SMEs, many of whom have seen a variety of achievements including new product lines, improved standards and manufacturing processes, significant increases in revenue and profitability, and diversification of their customer base.


Are you an SME in the agroprocessing sector and you want to grow your business with our support?

What we offer?

SMEs who meet the initial criteria above may be eligible for multi-level support intervention that are aimed at increasing and improving operational efficiencies, productivity and governance structures. The ultimate aim is to support the business to increase revenue by accessing new markets, or increasing the size of their current market supply capacity. They will also potentially be put forward for co-investment funding under our Business Linkages Fund, if they pass the established criteria

Who are we?

MarketConnect is committed to working closely with SMEs in agribusiness to enable them to grow and thrive with increased penetration into local, regional and international markets, where opportunities exist. Our goal is to contribute to increased market linkages and firm growth in agribusiness by working actively to create, improve and build strong and mutually beneficial market-driven business relationships between industry buyers and SME suppliers.


Work with MarketConnect

Are you an SME in the agroprocessing sector?
Do you meet the following criteria?

Business Opportunity

Are you formally registered and operational? Do you have proven and verifiable sales track record for at least twelve months? Do you have a viable business model and scalable growth plan?

Market Opportunity

Do you have a commercially viable product? Do you have an innovative and/or transformative product that is ready to sell?Do you have evident opportunities for sales into national and regional markets?

Entrepreneurial Focus

Do you have passion for the business? Are you committed to growing the business? Are you willing to participate in a success sharing scheme where you pay a % of the increase in turnover after technical/financial support is provided by MarketConnect?



Access to higher value Zambia & International markets


Access to technical & potentially financial assistance


Increased productivity


Access to long term demand for goods & services


Strengthened operational & managerial capacity


Ability to grow business

Our Process

Selection and Analysis

MC Support

Potential MC Interventions

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